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Books on the path or history of authentic spiritual seekers

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Theme meal followed by an “Introduction to permaculture” conference

saturday 15 April from 11 h 00 to 16 h 00

Permaculture is a systemic and comprehensive approach to design systems (eg, human habitats and agricultural systems, but this can be applied to any system) based on natural ecology (biomimicry) and the tradition…

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Black Whole

Film projection « Black Whole »

saturday 17 June from 11 h 00 am to 16 h 00

The work of Nassim Haramein on the search for the structure of the vacuum. Nassim Haramein is a physicist whose inner richness and natural independence have certainly allowed him to maintain his autonomy and his freedom of mind, in the face of the ideas of certain…

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Evidence of the existence of other civilizations

Dinner & Conference “Evidence of the existence of other civilizations”

saturday 22 July from 18 h 00 to 23 h 00

The associations A.T.C. Connexions et Saisons du Monde propose to provide you with proofs (through photographs taken with a digital camera) of the existence of beings coming from other worlds than ours; This projection will be followed by a very explanatory testimony of the person who has been contacted a large part of his life, reason why our eyes can not yet perceive…

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